'Fantasy Factory' Poll: Was 'Skatie' Your Favorite Costume This Season?

Rob Dyrdek always thinks outside of the box and he'll rarely pass up an opportunity to flaunt his creative skills (à la Jingle Z). For example, on tonight's season finale of "Fantasy Factory," he got the chance to host a fundraiser for underprivileged kids...but how could he possibly throw such a serious shebang without a mascot? Enter Skatie, a full-body suit made of sponge, wheels and heart.

+ Skatie proved to be a pretty useful addition to the "Fantasy Factory" team, but was he your favorite costume of the season? Check out pics of Rob's many characters and let us know which getup gets your highest mark!

What was your favorite costume this season?

  • The Drama masks
  • Stanley the old guy
  • Nothing beats Skatie
  • The Team Cheesy Ballers uniforms