Lauren Conrad Shares More Details About Her New Reality Show

Recently, Lauren Conrad revealed to Ryan Seacrest that she'd had enough of living the simple undocumented life and was headed back to her MTV family to film another Reality TV series. MTV confirmed the news right away, but details still remained slim ... until now! Lauren opened up in the latest issue of Us Weekly to give us all a tastier nibble of what to expect.

LC's as of yet unnamed show will deliver an inside look at what it takes for a famous young woman to build her own company from the ground up. Cameras will follow the former "Hills" and "Laguna Beach" star as she grows her fashion label, Paper Crown, with help from two of her oldest friends, Maura McManus (also her roommate) and Gary Samuelian (yes, the same sweet guy from MTV's "Styl'D"!) "These two I knew when I was wearing a training bra!" Lauren told Us. (Sorry guys, no Lo Bosworth this time around -- she's super busy with and her writing her own book.)

As to the unapologetically nosy question that seems to keep rearing its head--"Will beau Kyle Howard be on camera?"--LC doesn't rule it out. "It's hard to say yet if he'll be on the show. Certain aspects of my relationship I want to keep to myself, but it's not like I'm going to stop myself from talking about him."

So what sets this new show apart from her previous Reality TV gigs? Well, according to Lauren, this one's going to feel more real. Her fame will not be hidden a la "The Hills." "Then, PAs would hold back paparazzi so their shadows wouldn't get in the way. Now if a mic gets in the shot, it's not a big deal."

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, folks! Buckle up, cuz it sounds like LC is ready to reveal her entire world, which happens to appear more fabulous than ever.