Soundtrack Spotlight: 'The Buried Life' Also Exposes 3OH!3's 'Double Vision'

If you caught last night's Season 2 premiere of "The Buried Life," then you may have been perched on the edge of your seat waiting to see how the boys' intricate plan to "Streak a Stadium and Get Away" would unfold. As uncontrollable amounts of anxiety pumped through their veins, the wild foursome had no choice but to ad-lib their scheme on the spot. And with all of that madness going on, you probably felt right at home when 3OH!3's fast-pumping song, "Double Vision," came on.

Presumably, you're familiar with this electro-party-rap duo because they've been collaborating with major artists, including Lil JonKaty Perry and Ke$ha. But before 3OH!3 dominated the airwaves, group members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte were students at the University of Colorado. Since linking up and releasing their first self-titled album in 2007, they've managed to put out two more, including their highly anticipated third album, "Streets Of Gold," which was released on June 29.

So what are the lyricists up to now? Well, besides prepping for a six-week North American tour (their first stop is San Antonio, Texas, on Oct. 14), they filmed their latest music video for "Double Vision," where--in addition to re-creating their interpretation of the internet--the twosome sings about clothes falling off and not being able to see straight. Kinda reminds us of a certain scene from last night's episode! Check out their video below: