'Real World: NOLA' Poll: Are Jemmye And Knight Good For Each Other?

When Jemmye and Knight said their good-byes on the final episode of "Real World: New Orleans," their embrace was too blasé for our taste--we were hoping for a passionate we're-no-longer-just-friends-with-benefits smooch, but it didn't happen. Good thing tonight's "Reunion" gave us (sort of) what we wanted. The twosome reported that they're happily(?) living together in New Orleans, but things took a disappointing turn when closed-off Knight wouldn't admit that they are actually a couple. Host Maria Menounos asked him to say that he loved Jemmye, but he got shy and tried to kiss Ashlee to prove, well, we don't even know what he was trying to accomplish there.

+ Think Jemmye and Knight are good together, or did tonight's "Reunion" just make you realize that they're better off as ex-lovahs? Take the poll!


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