VIDEO: Pauly D Is Dressing Up As Pauly D For Halloween!

When "Jersey Shore" first aired, fans were limited in ways they could attempt to nail the "Shore" look--temporary tattoos, poufs and Ed Hardy brand clothes were the best shot everyone had at emulating Snooki or "The Situation." Well, now all you diehards can easily become a cast member--from head to toe--for the small price of $24.99. Yup, a few weeks ago, Costume Craze started selling "Jersey Shore" Halloween outfits, and you'll never guess who's planning on wearing one...

Pauly D just uploaded a YouTube video of him trying on his own Pauly D costume! Here's his review: "DJ Pauly D being DJ Pauly D is not that bad. It takes me 25 minutes to do my hair; it only took two minutes to put this costume on." He also says that he's going to wear it out and see if people recognize him. (Pauly, if you're reading this: Tell us how it goes!)

Photo courtesy of Costume Craze