What Did You Think Of Ryan's Return To 'Real World: NOLA'?

Ryan's only been absent for one episode, but when he returned to the house for tonight's season finale of "Real World: New Orleans," it felt like he'd been M.I.A. much longer. All of the roommates ignored him when he came back through the doors, making it appear as if Ryan was the only one that missed his presence! Natch, he made third-grade icky faces when he was asked to sit next to Preston during the photo shoot, but detesting his ex-roomies might have all been an act--the kid eventually climbed into bed with Knight and initiated one of his awkward cuddle sessions!

+ Was Ryan thrilled to be back with his housemates, or was he just trying to keep the peace during the few hours he was there? Take the poll and let us know what you think!

Think Ryan was happy to be back in the NOLA house?

  • Yes, it was so obvious.
  • No. He came for the photo shoot and left.