'IYRKM' Poll: Have You Ever Felt Isolated At School?

On tonight's episode of "If You Really Knew Me," we traveled to Neenah High in Wisconsin, your average school filled with easygoing teens. Once Challenge Day kicked off, however, we realized that many of the students were carrying a lot on their shoulders. The archetypal school jock, Dan, was pressured to live up to his sister's athletic legacy, and the outcast, a California transplant named Riccardo, felt incredibly isolated by his classmates. He was not only the "new kid," but being one of the few (if only) openly gay students among his peers made him slightly detached. After the experience, Riccardo asked everyone to take the time to get to know him, and people jumped up in support.

+  Have you ever felt completely isolated at school, either because you were new, or simply because you went against the grain? Take the poll and share!

Have you ever felt isolated at school?

  • No, but I see kids that probably feel that way.
  • Yes, it's a lonely way to be.