VIDEO: Jenks Wishes He'd Handled His Fight With Maino Differently

Between the special sneak peek of Snooki and Angelina's "Jersey Shore" throwdown, the 2010 VMAs and the "World of Jenks" premiere, MTV aired a smorgasbord of awesome programming last night. But perhaps the most startling moment of the evening was near its end, when hard-core rapper Maino basically put Jenks in a chokehold. (Don't worry, Kanye, your toast to douchebags definitely comes in at second place.)

We were so curious to hear from Jenks what was going through his head when Maino assaulted him, as well as how he even got matched with this particular musician in the first place. Watch our exclusive interview with the filmmaker below, where he discusses how the experience of shadowing Maino taught him to be less judgmental, and actually led to a lasting friendship between the two men.

Watch part two of our interview with Jenks, after the jump.