Catelynn And Tyler Are This Week's People Magazine Cover Story!

Just yesterday, the queen of media gossip, Perez Hilton, asked why so many weekly magazines have been placing "Teen Mom" parents on the covers. Well, we think it's because their openness has not only created a dialogue about the reality of teen pregnancy, but because each one of them has proven, through their child-rearing choices, that they can overcome any challenge. Plus, they're just awesome people who have remarkable stories to tell!

While it appears as though Perez doesn't understand why so many fans find them press-worthy, he was correct to notice that they've been all over the newsstands lately. In this week's issue of People, Catelynn and Tyler opened up about about their daughter, Carly, who they placed for adoption. "I don't regret my decision at all, but you have your days when you miss her," Catelynn told the glossy. During the interview, the couple reconnected with adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, and expressed their gratitude for finding such a wonderful home for their child. "Carly is so lucky. She's got three families: Teresa's, Brandon's and ours," Catelynn added.

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