'Jersey Shore' Exclusive! See Candid Pics From MTV's Season 3 Photo Shoot

Oh, Perez Hilton. We normally consider you the great authenticator of gossip, but you made a really big boo boo when you posted pics from MTV's official "Jersey Shore" photo shoot and wrote (with total chagrin) that the Season 3 cast had been getting dolled up by hair pros for an actual filming of an episode. Dude, the show wrapped Saturday. Those pics of yours were taken Tuesday (that's three days later FYI).

So there ya have it, everybody in the cast does normally do their own 'do, and "Jersey Shore" can proudly continue to keep its feet planted in the Reality TV programming category. Seriously, we'd never attempt to trick 6.5 million viewers.

BTW, Tuesday was awesome. Before the whole "Jersey Shore" fam said ciao to their Season 3 digs in Seaside Heights, they mugged for MTV's cameras on the rooftop of their rental home and at the boardwalk arcade. Remote Control's reason for being on the invite list? To observe and report what was going down behind the scenes (and apparently, prove that one blogger hasn't been doing his homework). Check out our exclusive pictures of the cast blowing goodbye kisses to yet another debaucherous summer at the Jersey Shore.

Pauly D rides that carousel horsie like a GTL cowboy.

Mike takes a power nap in the skeeball section.

Ronnie and Vinny take part in the kind of gun show that doesn't involve flexing.

The whole cast immediately checks out their digital images after posing for the group shot.

We moved the party over to the rooftop jacuzzi after lunchtime (sushi and buffalo chicken wraps were served, in case you're interested what these sexy bitches like to eat).

Sorry, Pauly, Fedoras don't sit well with stiff blowouts.

Can we just say, we LOVE the new girl Deena Nicole? And you will, too. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with her!

"The Situation" stands tall in the Shore sun. Alas, he and his dysfunctional family have survived yet another booze-filled/fight-filled/smush-filled season of taping.