MTV Rewind: 8/30/10-9/2/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"Fantasy Factory"

Full Episode: Rob Dyrdek and Drama host an intervention to correct Big Cat's awkwardness.

Bonus Clip: The Factory CEO has Big Cat work on his behavior by forcing him to be the center of attention.

Sneak Peek: Rob and Drama head to Hawaii for a man-venture.

"Warren The Ape"

Full Episode: Warren wants to tell his life story through a performance piece.

"Teen Mom"

Full Episode: Amber decides to get her GED, and Maci contemplates moving to Nashville to be closer to Kyle.

Bonus Clip: Kyle wants Maci to move, but he's really timid about the idea of playing stepdad.

After Show: Farrah tells SuChin Pak that living on her own has forced her to learn the value of money, plus Catelynn opens up about her mom's drinking habit.

Sneak Peek: Ryan says he wants more time with Bentley. Watch it now:

"If You Really Knew Me"

Full Episode: Challenge Day heads to Paris High to encourage racial integration among the students.

Bonus Clip: Paige checks in and says that the experience taught her how to forgive people.

Sneak Peek: How will Denver School Of The Arts react to Challenge Day? Check it out:

"Real World: New Orleans"

Full Episode: The roommates decide they can't deal with Ryan anymore and vote him out of the house.

Sneak Peek: Pablo comes to visit and gets completely obliterated before Sahar performs on stage. Watch it:

"Jersey Shore"

Full Episode: Sammi and JWOWW get into a huge brawl, and Angelina makes out with Pauly D.

Bonus Clip: Sammi freaks out. Apparently, living in the Miami house is making her lose her mind.

Sneak Peek: Angelina hooks up with Vinny in the back of the cab. Does Pauly mind?

After Show: Ronnie defends his cheating ways. Watch it now:

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