4 Reasons Why Vinny's The Studliest Guy In The 'Jersey Shore' House

We told you ladies at the start of the season that you'd be craving some Vinny. He even called himself "the silent assassin" in an interview with Remote Control--and it's not just because he's acquired a bit of fame. Vinny's handsome, less abrasive than his roommates and sometimes (if not all the time) he's the brightest one in the pack. At this point, it's safe to say that Vinny is definitely shaping up to become the biggest stud of the house. Check out our top reasons:

1. He's Humble

While so many people sport knock-off accessories and try and fake the funk, Vinny had no problem admitting that his iced-out chain was as authentic as Jenni's JWOWWs. It proved that he doesn't take himself too seriously, and also that he is not just burning through his cash--major selling points!

2. He's Well Endowed

Either Snooki's accustomed to being with pint-size Peters, or Vin really is a mega-magnum. Either way, we think it's hilarious that they tried to smush. The best part is that Vinny was a total gentleman about it (or as much of a gentleman as a Jersey Shorer can be). Instead of bragging about their bedtime shenans, he said that he was DTS (down to snuggle with Snooks).

3. He Takes No BS

On last night's episode, Angelina had a moment where she seemed seriously detached from reality. Girl made up a lie about JWOWW, Vinny overheard what she said and wanted to nip the drama in the bud. He grabbed JWOWW and confronted Angelina, who, of course, double-lied and said Vin was nuts. Regardless of the outcome, we like that he calls people on their shiz instead of talking trash behind their backs.

4. He's Bashful

Could Vinny have possibly been any more adorbs when Mike's sister, Melissa, came into the house? His face lit up like a little kid at Coney Island as he fidgeted and kept staring at her. We love a guy that gets sheepish around girls (as long as he's not like that in the sack--see Reason No. 2).