Hold It. Was That Pauly D's Tongue Down Angelina's Throat?

She may be known as the black sheep of the house, but Angelina sure is getting her fair share of physical attention from the guys. Remember when it came out that she'd had a one-night whatever with Pauly D in between Season 1 and 2? Pauly assured us he'd never let it happen again, but after watching last night's episode of "Jersey Shore," we guess he was flat out lying (et tu, Brute?).

We watched with shock and awe as Pauly and Angelina made out in a taxi at the close of a long night of clubbing. The lip-lock only made sense when they arrived home and Pauly promptly started puking in the bathroom--the booze is always to blame! In fact, it looks like it's a major factor in next week's smushfest between none other than Angelina and fellow Staten Islander Vinny! Check out the sneak peek of Episode 7 to see what happens when intense hatred mixes with hard liquor and hormones.