The Situation's Creepin' Earns Him A Pimp Cup

There's no greater reflection of success than an honorary passing of the torch pimp cup from Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan, chairman of the board for the Famous Players Club. Known for his flamboyant dressery and generous goblet gifting, he's handed over blinged-out cups to Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg. And last week, he added Mike "The Situation" to the list. According to, Mike's brother also received the decorative prize. "The Situation and his brother were both nominated and elected because of their status with the ladies and with Serious Pimp Clothing Line," a source told the site. (We're also guessing it's because Mike and Magic both both have quotations in their names)

Cheers to you, Mike! Now you have something to drink Devotion Vodka out of!

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