VIDEO: Ronnie Defends Himself, Says Everyone Cheats

It's crazy how Sammi's relationship fiasco with Ronnie has manifested into a hatred toward the in-house note writers, JWOWW and Snooki. Yeah, they're her girls and probably should've been honest from the beginning, but come on, they didn't cheat on her!

On tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," everything came to a head when Sammi and JWOWW let their claws out during a serious kitchen throwdown. While we'll have to wait until next week to crown the winner of the fight, the whole thing just seems ass backwards. Sammi's infuriated with the guy standing behind her--she needs to turn around and yell at him, not her best friends!

Check out the "Jersey Shore After Hours" special below, where Ronnie talks to host Julissa Bermudez all about his wild ways. Even after Sammi joins them on the stage and says watching him kiss other girls on TV was devastating, the only thing he says he regrets is slipping back into her bed after creepin' at the clubs. According to him, everyone cheats.