Mike Hits On A Dude! Does He Need Flirting Rehab?

If there's one thing Mike "The Situation" isn't, it's shy. If you're a hot (to moderately hot) looking girl, he's coming after you like Hurricane Earl (too soon?). But sometimes, when he's had too much to drink, he goes after (how do we put this nicely?) questionable females.

On tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," The Situation didn't just discover a grenade, dude fell head first into a massive pile of gunpowder when he started flirting with a transvestite at the club. In his defense, maybe he just needed to go with Vinny to get his vision checked?

+ For someone as well-versed in affairs of the heart bed, Mike's near collision with a Choo Choo Tranny could have been a real mess. Does he need to brush up on his game and be more picky, or should he just shake it off? Take the poll!

Does Mike need to get schooled on picking up girls?

  • Um, heck yes. He needs help!
  • No way, Sitch doesn't care about what happened.