'RW: NOLA' Poll: Should Ryan Have Stayed In The House?

Whoa, did Ryan just leave the "Real World: New Orleans" house for reals? After refusing to have a mature discussion with his totally livid roommates, he called his brother (who, for some reason, goes by the name Brother) and told him to pick him up. Ryan didn't say a peep to anyone--he just rolled up his trusty blow-dryer, grabbed his hot wheels and bounced. He's definitely not the first Real Worlder to jump ship (remember Erika's beg-me-to-stay departure from "Real World: D.C"?), but he was definitely the quietest (we thought for sure his grand exit would've involved him "Edward Scissorhands"-ing something).

+ Ryan could've used this as a growing experience, but instead, he refused to connect with anyone. Should he have stayed and tried to work through things, or did he make the right decision to skidaddle?

Did Ryan make the right decision to leave the house?

  • Yes, he was just pissing everyone off and it wasn't going to get better.
  • No, he should've stayed and gotten help.