'Real World: NOLA' Poll: Is Marty A Good Match For Preston?

It's about time Preston stopped playing around with the Big Thangs of New Orleans and looked for someone a bit more, ya know, sturdy. While he's openly admitted (countless times!) to wanting nothing but the nookie, he couldn't resist Marty's nerdy charm. On tonight's episode of "Real World: New Orleans," we watched them cuddle, order cute flavors at the ice cream parlor (Presto even paid) and gush--on Ashlee's probably not-even-working recorder--that they were indeed an item.

+ Preston admitted to his friend Allie that he had a huge wall up when it comes to relationships, but Marty figured out a way to knock that sucker down. Is he the right guy for the job, or do you have a bad feeling about Mr. Marty Gras? Take the poll!

Is Marty a good match for Preston?

  • Yes, they look so happy together.
  • No way, Marty's too innocent.