Soundtrack Spotlight: Ready, Set, Pucker! Wet Your Lips For The Kissaway Trail

Feeling down? Step away from the chirpy-cheerful Katy Perry (Eeeooeeeoooeeoo!) and allow us to suggest the perfect non-peppy pick-me-up. Yep, despite what the radio gods may tell you, not all pop songs were created equal, and--depending on your mood swing--your road to recovery may lie in something of the indie-rock (read: less incessantly upbeat) variety. Our prescription? Take four to five Kissaway Trail songs and call us in the morning.

Wait, you're not familiar with the Scandinavian supergroup? Well, if you've been watching "Teen Mom," you've already gotten a taste of what the Arcade Fire-esque alt rockers can do. Known (mostly in the U.K.) for their soft acoustics and high-pitched harmonies, The Kissaway Trail (who got their start as The Isles), have contributed two tracks--"Enemy" and "Three Million Hours"--to the show's Season 2 soundtrack.

But don't let those dreamy, Modest Mouse-ian melodies fool you: These songs (off their 2010 album, Sleep Mountain), aren't lullabies so much as whispery wakeup calls, with deceptively piercing lyrics, as in the hard-nosed "Enemy" refrain "You have friends, but they're all gone." Which isn't to say they're depressing. In fact, The Kissaway Trail avoids coming off as maudlin, thanks to syncopated drum beats, rousing rhythms and whimsical-but-anthemic tracks (like 2007's "La La Song" and, more recently, "New Year"). Quiet but disarming (and, at times, uplifting), the group's latest LP has the effortless ease of Death Cab's Plans, fading in and out of the background with gently addictive offerings like "Beat Your Heartbeat" and "Painter," and popping out with the peppier, percussion based "SDP."

So check out The Kissaway Trail's official MTV artist bio and MySpace page, look out for upcoming North American tour dates and find out what all the fuss is about by watching the video for "SDP" below.