Student Follow-up: Matthew's Ready To Help Anyone In Need

On tonight's episode of "If You Really Knew Me," we met Matthew, an isolated kid that just couldn't connect with his classmates or family. During Challenge Day, he released a lot of of pent-up emotion, and at the end, found a way to bond with his peers. Below, check out our follow-up with him.

Before Challenge Day, I shut myself off from people, but the experience helped me trust others and now I'm open and outgoing. Also, Devin and I stopped avoiding each other at school, and we're on better terms. Overall, Challenge Day changed my perspective for the better. I realized that everyone has a backstory, and I'm now more understanding and willing to help anybody that needs someone to listen.

As far as my past suicidal thoughts, they are extinct. I'm a proud supporter of To Write Love On Her Arms, a nonprofit that helps people struggling with depression, and I plan on partaking in TWLOHA Day this year.

Thank you,

Matthew Ablon