'IYRKM' Poll: Is Your School Racially Divided?

Whether or not you're currently in high school, you may have found Paris High's story of self-imposed segregation relatable. On tonight's episode of "If You Really Knew Me," a number of the students pointed out the dividing lines in their cafeteria, while other kids seemed completely unaware of the issue. It wasn't until everyone was asked to split up the room by race that the realization fully set in. Eric, who appeared very affected by the whole experience, courageously stood up and encouraged his classmates to put an end to the mindless judging.

+ Is your school racially divided? Take the poll and sound off!

Have you ever experienced racial division in school?

  • No, I haven't.
  • Yes, but I didn't speak up.
  • Yes, and I said something about it.

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