'Teen Mom' Poll: Should Maci Pick Up And Move To Nashville?

The first time we saw Bentley take a liking to Maci's new boyfriend, Kyle, we knew he was a keeper. The long-distance relationship seems to grow stronger every week, and talk started getting serious on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom" as the happy couple decided to really test the waters by living in the same city.

Maci's a smart girl, and if she wasn't confident in Kyle's ability to accept new responsibilities, she wouldn't have even considered relocating (plus, Bentley called Kyle "Dada," so how could she possibly resist?!). But do you think she's making the right choice? Check out a clip from our latest Teen Mom After Show, where Maci tells SuChin Pak that Kyle is "The One," then take the poll and share your opinion on Maci's decision to move.