Student Follow-up: Paige Learned The Importance Of Forgiveness

Each week, "If You Really Knew Me" spotlights students who participate in Challenge Day and come out the other side empowered to be true to themselves and judge other people less. On tonight's episode, we met Paige, a teen who says the experience helped her improve relationships with the people around her. Check out our follow-up with her below...

Challenge Day taught me to let my feelings out and not keep them bottled up inside. I learned the importance of having a strong family relationship. My mom and I now get along better, and I'm even trying to be more involved with my siblings.

Guada and I have also become a lot closer. We hang out almost every weekend. I'm so glad to have her back as my friend/sister. I completely trust her now, which is something I didn't think I could do. Challenge Day truly made me understand my life and appreciate the people in it.

Much Love,