'Teen Mom' Poll: How Important Is It For Amber To Get Her GED?

On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," Amber struggled through her GED practice test and unfortunately ended up failing. Finishing high school has been a huge goal for Amber ever since she gave birth to Leah, so her poor score on the exam was a crushing blow. But the fight isn't over yet!

You'll be happy to hear in our Teen Mom After Show clip that Amber is still determined to give schooling a shot, regardless of how discouraged she's gotten in the past. And now she's gunning for an actual diploma! Watch the video below, where she explains how easy it is to lose motivation when you have a baby (while thoroughly acknowledging it's no excuse for quitting). The encouragement she receives from the other young mothers in the cast and audience is inspiring, and a testament to how they've prioritized their own education.

+ Also, take the poll and weigh in: Do YOU think it's truly necessary for Amber to get her GED or high school diploma?