Should Snooki Say 'Yes' To Her Summer Fling's Marriage Proposal?

Earlier today, RadarOnline reported that Snooki's rumored new beau, Jeff Miranda -- for the record, Snooks has yet to confirm that this is her actual "boyfriend" and not just some Seaside Heights hookup born out of loneliness and beer goggles -- is using Steppin' Out's Sept. 10 issue to propose marriage to the "Jersey Shore" breakout star.

As shown on the right, Miranda recently posed for the mag's cover, which pops The Question in big capital letters below his well-lubed and -tatted chest. The Iraq vet told Radar, "I want us to be together forever. I could see us having children." So how does he think Snooki will respond to his grand gesture? Maybe a little sticker shock at first, but apparently he truly thinks knows the answer will be affirmative.

+ What do you have to say about a possible "Jersey Shore" wedding? Should Snooki throw caution to the wind and get engaged to her whatever-he-is, or is it in her best interest to perform another ceremonial burning of the potentially fame-seeking wannabe's pictures? Take the poll and sound off!

Should Snooki say yes?

  • Why not? I'd definitely tune in for the televised event!
  • No way! He's just trying to get exposure.