How Would You Rate Big Cat's Communication Skillz?

On tonight's episode of "Fantasy Factory," fans of the show got to witness the severity of Big Cat's social awkwardness. Sure, we always thought of him as the strange, quiet guy who sits idly inside his cage/office, but once Rob Dyrdek asked him to take the lead on a new skateboarding plaza, the giant feline really cranked up the bizarro. During a meeting with Koorosh Shahrokh, the 7-Eleven executive that was overseeing the project, Big Cat gave a half-assed biz pitch that was filled with mumbling, vague descriptions and a general disinterest (dude even kept his Aviators on!). Thankfully, Rob's not the kinda guy to just throw someone under the bus, so he brought in a behavior-modification specialist to help his friend out.

+ After an uncomfortable intervention, Big Cat mustered the courage to give a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony ... So how'd he do? Take the poll and let us know if you think he had a breakthrough, or still hit high on the weird-o-meter!