JWOWW vs. Sammi: Watch The Brawl To Find Out Which Bitch Is Goin' Down!

When it comes to putting her two-timing, off-and-on boyfriend in his place, Sammi can't quite stick to her guns. During just about every fight she and Ronnie have had on Season 2 of "Jersey Shore," her immediate defense has been a flavorless combo of finger-pointing followed by empty "I'm done" promises. But while she's a total wimp about Ron, it looks like the girl's standing up for herself against the Mark Twains of the house (that'd be JWOWW and Snooki). Check out a sneak peek from this week's all-new episode, where we finally get to see a whole new side of Sam: the don't-back-down scrappy chick. (Too bad JWOWW's probably gonna kick the crap outta her anyway.)