Soundtrack Spotlight: Why Just Kait Rocker Kaitlyn DiBenedetto Has It MADE

Wanna get "MADE" into a rock star? Just Kait singer Kaitlyn DiBenedetto knows a little something about that. Born and bred in New Jersey (a.k.a. The State That Springsteen Put On The Map), Kaitlyn borrowed her dad's drumset at age five, picked up her first guitar as a pre-teen and started slappin' da bass ("I Love You, Man," anyone?) before the rest of us had even passed Drivers Ed. By sweet sixteen, her punk pedigree also grew to include songwriting, and she scored her first big break when her song, "U Suck," was chosen as the new (and appropriately named) theme song to MTV's dating disaster series, "Parental Control".

So what makes this girl different from all other aspiring Avrils? That'd be her edge. After you get past Kaitlyn's wholesome, girl-next-door looks (think Amanda Bynes), you'll notice she's actually rockin' some razor-sharp vocals (think Joan Jett). Her femme, Fall Out Boy-style single, "Heart Shaped Bruise" is more Pixies punk than Selena sweet, and her steamy cover of "Hot Stuff" is enough to make Miley Cyrus and the Disney Dream Team blush.

Now at the ripe old age of eighteen, Kaitlyn's already released her first EP, Being On TV (Again), seen her new single, "Sick," tearin' it up on E! and landed a killer track ("Girls World") in "MADE, The Movie" (slow down, girl!). Download her pump-you-up pop anthem for free at, plus peep Just Kait's upcoming VMA tour dates, watch the music videos for "Sick" and "U Suck," and then check out the rest of the "MADE, The Movie" soundtrack, below!


Songs from the "MADE, The Movie" soundtrack:

"C’Mon” -- The Soft Pack (Theme Song)

"My Friends" --  The Franks

"Fascination Girl” -- Tha Vill

"Getting By" --  The Robotanists

"Faces In The Dark” --  Generationals

"Won't Give In” -- Lovers Electric

"Cryin' Shame" -- Happy Problems

"Bad Luck Charm" -- The Eyeliners

“Ride It” -- Performed by Tha Vill

"Feel Good About It" -- Marching Band

"Blindspot" -- Performed by Darling

“Leather Wings” -- This Will Destroy You

"Is It Over" --  Lovers Electric

“Young Pioneers” -- Uncut

“Night Stroll” -- Moonlit Sailor

“Show You Mine” -- Alyx

“Original” -- Big In Japan

"Stacking Up Reasons" -- Buildings Breeding

"Girl's World" -- Just Kait

“Float” -- Sissy Wish