Soundtrack Spotlight: Theft Will Totally Steal Your Heart

How do you pick a theme song for a show named "If You Really Knew Me"? Truth is, it's not easy. First you have to consider everything "IYRKM" stands for, namely opening up, having a heart and realizing it's never too late to see yourself (and those around you) through fresh eyes. It's a show about shrugging off misconceptions and embracing the power of positive change, a show about reinvention and reserving judgment. More important, it's a show about waking up one day and realizing that everyone has a story to tell, so it deserves a monster lead-in like Theft's "Never Be The Same."

So who's behind it? That'd be songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Matt McCartie, who bounced around in several bands (most notably, Driver Eight) before finding his stride with Theft. No stranger to MTV, Theft recorded "Fireworks Explode" (about a friend's tragic brain injury) for an episode of "True Life" and had "Breathing Underwater" picked up as the theme song for DJ AM's "Gone Too Far." Although his style (Beatles-inspired, with a punch) draws comparisons to U.K. imports Coldplay and Oasis, McCartie's latest tracks show off his sharp, playful range and his ability to channel anyone (from Green Day to Kings of Leon), depending on his whim.

Back now with "Never Be The Same," McCartie once again proves himself to be a skillful storyteller, with loud, lilting vocals and a knack for narrative edge. Watch this extra-special video vershe of the "If You Really Knew Me" theme song (paired with memorable moments from the show), and let Theft take you to a world where emotions run high -- and every day's a new beginning.

+ Wanna hear more? Scope out Theft's full MTV artist bio, plus find The Band McCartie Built on Facebook and MySpace (or check 'em out on the red carpet)!