Sponsored Video: 'RW: NOLA' Gals Get Chatty Behind Flo's Back!

When Jemmye, Ashlee, Sahar and McKenzie get a visit from "Flo," it's a typical time for them to stop acting polite and start being real. But periods aren't all that bad, according to the these sassy "Real World: New Orleans" cast members.

The girls recently got together with MTV News' Kim Stolz for a candid chat about their menstrual cycle, and though it's sometimes awkward for young women to share stories related to their nether-region, they were all extremely open, honest and chill. Applause for the maturity, ladies! Check out the video below of their hang session, plus take our poll and tell us which topic you'd like to see cast members Jemmye and McKenzie discuss next -- we'll post the clip with the most votes on Friday.


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