Soundtrack Spotlight: Beat Up The Beat With The Midi Mafia

What's on your iPod right now? Well, if you're like us, you've probably already programmed in the perfect mix for every occasion. Big night out with the girls? Better break out the Ke$ha. Long car ride with the fam? Don't worry, Cake's got your back. Sarah McLachlan, Snow Patrol? You're great for getting all sad/soul-searchy, but for those early a.m. workouts? Imma be blastin' Black Eyed Peas. So what's missing from your playlist? A summer soundtrack that'll get you from the beach to the bars, and everywhere in between. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to The Midi Mafia.

Although you probably know them best as producers (and the guys behind 50 Cent's "21 Questions"), The Midi Mafia's starting to get noticed as performers. The hit-making duo -- made up of rapper Bruce Waynne and DJ Dirty Swift -- has worked with everyone from J. Lo to Justin Bieber, and now they're finally ready to turn the spotlight on themselves with their debut EP, "Vegas Lights." So how would we describe their sound? Well, (to borrow a phrase from Snooki), we've got two words for you: Party's here!

With its tight, energetic raps and fun guest artists (like "Fantasy Factory"'s Chanel!), "Vegas Lights" truly is a fist-pumpin' good time. And believe us when we tell you The Midi Mafia's got all your listening needs covered. Heading to the beach? Give Katy Perry's "California Gurls" a (much needed) rest and try "2 Piece (So Cosmo)" instead. Wanna be a (TMZ) star? Show 'em you've got Speidi-like dedication by blasting "PHamous" out your Escalade. Partying late? Beat up the beat (à la Pauly D) to "Last Call," a fast-paced smash off the official "Jersey Shore" soundtrack, and you just might have yourself a Situation.

So whip up a batch of (nonalcoholic) RonRon juice and get the J. Shore party started by reading up on The Midi Mafia and watching the music video for their hit, "PHamous," below.