MTV Rewind, 8/2/10-8/6/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"Fantasy Factory"

Full Episode: Rob gets involved in the at-home fitness industry and makes his first-ever infomercial.

Bonus Clip: Pushing forward with the iCore Cruncher, the "Fantasy Factory" team heads to the mall for a fitness demo.

Sneak Peek: Rob relives his glory days on the racetrack. Check it out:

"Hard Times"

Full Episode: Rumors spread at Pinkerton High that RJ might be hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Bonus Clip: Coach Sinclair teaches youth how to protect themselves and avoid trouble. Watch it here:

"Warren The Ape"

Full Episode: Warren has an epiphany and realizes that he might be a destructive force. Too little, too late?

Bonus Clip: At The House of Pies, Cecil and his boss get sidetracked and take a ride from a stranger.

"Teen Mom"

Full Episode: Maci reunites with a guy from her past, and Farrah opens up about the death of Sophia's father.

Bonus Clip: Farrah longs to have a connection with her family again, but she's not quite ready.

Sneak Peek: Debra reaches out to her daughter but is rejected.

"If You Really Knew Me"

Full Episode: Riverside High explores the ramifications of keeping things bottled up.

Bonus Clip: Logan talks about how Challenge Day caused him to rethink his actions.

Sneak Peek: Find out what it's like to be the brainy nerd at school.

"Real World: New Orleans"

Full Episode: Sahar seeks out a mentor for her singing career, and Ryan calls the cops on Preston.

Bonus Clip: Preston learns what actually happened to his favorite beanie.

Sneak Peek: Knight might be making a move for his roommate McKenzie. But what about Jemmye?

"Jersey Shore"

Full Episode: Ronnie doesn't tell Sammi about his three-way club kiss, Angelina slaps Pauly D and the boys introduce us to a new Jersey Shore-ism -- SBTS.

Bonus Clip: JWOWW and Snooki are put in a tough spot because Sammi wants to know what happened with Ronnie at the club.

Sneak Peek: Sammi and Ronnie get into another huge fight ... will it be the end of them?

After Show: Find out what Pauly D had to say about Angelina's triple-slap on The Hook-up.