Another 'Jersey Shore'-ism: The Shirt Before The Shirt (SBTS, Baby!)

If you caught last night's episode of "Jersey Shore," then you probably learned the next greatest catchphrase since the discovery of GTL: The Shirt Before The Shirt (SBTS). The concept is simple: You're chillin' in the house, prepartying if you will (just felt like throwing in "if you will" as an homage to The Sitch), and don't feel like funking up your club gear just yet. So you throw on a wife beater, otherwise known as your Shirt Before The Shirt. Then, when you're ready to jump in the Escalade and get your creep on, you do a simple quick change and -- voila! -- it's (brightly colored and busy) T-shirt Time.

Here's a quick refresher course if you missed the Master-at-Arms (and of arms!) explain SBTS in detail.