Heidi Montag Reaches Out To Old Friends Audrina And Lauren

Maybe she's feeling lonely since filing for divorce, or maybe she was just testing the waters, but when Heidi Montag tweeted yesterday that she missed Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad, the sentiment was not returned -- at least not publicly.

We've been told before that we're a bunch of suckers here at Remote Control, but we feel sad for Heids. She may have brought this all on herself, but the ex-Hillzie is now without friends, family and husband, and it seems as if she could use someone level-headed in her life to help her get back on track. (Remember when Mel Gibson stepped in to help Britney Spears in her time of turmoil? OK, bad example, but you get what we're saying, right?) All the designer clothes and magazine articles and H for Heidi-size breasts can't take the place of companionship. Anyone out there in Crested Butte feel like giving your ol' neighbor a call?