Pauly D On Angelina: She's 'Delusional'

One thing was obvious after Angelina slapped Pauly D on tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore": Girl burned the only bridge she had in the house, and most definitely lost her shot at ever hooking up with him again.

In Episode 2 of the Jersey Shore Hook-up, Pauly vented his frustration over the evening in question to Mike, JWOWW and Snooki, and the normally sweet and mellow guy got hot and bothered just reliving it. "Why would [she] care about the girls that we were with? Unless I'm with a beast, what difference does it make?" he unloaded on the group. In addition to then diagnosing Angelina as "crazy" and "delusional," Pauly also revealed why he went against his nature and actually spit in his housemate's face when she smacked him for a third time. Check out the video clip: