4 Ways Angelina Can Make Things Right In The 'J. Shore' House

Here's a scenario: You walk into a situation (crazy how Mike's tainted that word indefinitely), realize that a good percentage of the people in the room don't care for you and then decide to verbally attack them like a wildebeest. This is sort of the play that Miami black sheep Angelina made on last week's season premiere of "Jersey Shore."

After her short-lived appearance in Seaside Heights, Angelina had the opportunity to link back up with the team and make things right. Instead, she awkwardly mulled around the house, took refuge in the boys' room, then picked a choice moment to lash out at the girls. Considering that Snooki's ready to go toe to toe with the Staten Island native, here are some tips to help her make amends with everyone ... and fast.


This requires her to say "I'm sorry." Everyone thinks that Angelina spent the off-season talking mad sh**. She needs to own up to all of it and tell the girls she didn't mean anything she said. Maybe she was drunk, or in a fever-like state -- it doesn't matter. "Whoops" should take care of it!


Once she's apologized, the next best thing for her to do is to lay low and stay out of the drama. Instead of jumping into another heated taxi feud, she should let the energy mellow out. The key is to stay out of everyone's hair and get them to focus their anger on someone/something else for a change.


Now that the roomies can return to their everyday lives and stop plotting how to chop off Angelina's hair in her sleep (isn't that what all girls fantasize about doing for revenge?), she needs to give 'em a reason to actually like her! If she pays attention to what's going on in the house, she can step in and assist. Last week, when Sammi's shelf went tumblin' down, that would've been a key time to get all Ms. Fix It.


When all else fails, kill them with kindness ... and gifts. If they're out at the club, she can get everyone a round of shots. Or if she sees that they're running low on whey protein, she can pick up a jug the next time she's strutting past GNC.

+ Can you think of anything else Angelina can do to get on the cast's good side? Sound off in the comments!