'Jersey Shore Poll': Could Snooki Take Down Angelina?

Season 2 of "Jersey Shore" = girl fights galore! On tonight's episode, before getting rudely (in an amazing way, of course) interrupted by JWOWW's mafia-inspired threats (er, "Sleep with one eye open"!?), Snooki was in the process of bitching out Angelina for allegedly talkin' more trash -- and this time, Snooki's boyfriend back at home, Emilio, was the subject matter. You just don't mess with the people Snooki loves.

Luckily, the fight didn't get physical (yet?), but it did leave us kinda curious. Who woulda won if the two actually threw down? Check out the video clip from this week's Jersey Shore Hook-up, where Snooks says she's in no way scared of her controversial housemate ("Angelina is an ant to me"), then take the poll and tell us which tough girl you think would prevail in the ring.