'Real World' Poll: Did Knight Push The Jokes Too Far With Jemmye's Mom?

We love Knight cuz he's the type of guy that just says slurs what he damn well pleases, yet has a bit of a good, protective side. One thing he's lacking, however, is a muzzle to censor his obscenities. When Jemmye's mother, Alice, arrived on tonight's episode of "Real World: New Orleans," we knew the mood wouldn't be stuffy, but we also didn't expect that the three of them would start chatting about affairs of the heart screwing.

During a casual night in, Knight basically felt up Jemmye while Alice had no choice but to watch. Then, the hockey star upped the ante and made lewd comments about the size of Alice's rack (WTF!). Either she's a super easygoing mom, or she just bit her tongue while he mixed up a batter of inappropriateness.

+ Should Knight have respected Jemmye's mom more and kept the sexual innuendos to himself, or was it all just meant to be funny? Take the poll and let us know what you thought about Knight's behavior.

Was Knight out of line?

  • Heck yeah! Who says that in front their gf's mother?
  • No, Jemmye's mom seemed way cool with it.
  • Not sure, but it was definitely weird.