VIDEO: Preston Finds Out About The Hat Slasher

Ryan's childish quest for revenge took a wildly sharp turn on tonight's episode of "Real World: New Orleans" when he filed a criminal complaint against Preston. Police departments are inundated with laughable calls like the Toothbrush Whodunnit, so the fact that Ryan -- whose ominous whistling is making our hair stand on end -- swiped Preston's hat and debit card is just so, so wrong. (Dude, how are you gonna call the cops for a fake crime when you just stole from your roomie?) Unfortunately for Ryan, it all comes out in the wash (meaning, we have it on camera!).

Check out these exclusive interviews, where Preston first learns what actually happened to his hat. While it seems that the Curious Incident of the Beanie in The Nighttime has been solved, there's still that issue of the debit card ...

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