Soundtrack Spotlight: If You Really Knew Seabird

How would you describe "If You Really Knew Me" to someone who's never seen it? Well, if "Jersey Shore" is the show that makes you laugh (or, *shudder* GTL), "IYRKM" is the one that makes you cry. Powerful, hard-hitting and emotional, "IYRKM" pushes us to look past labels (like outcast, jock or homecoming queen) and realize we're not the only ones who've ever felt scared, alone or completely misunderstood. And since we couldn't be there to give Brittney a hug on Challenge Day (hold your head high, girl!), we're giving her and her classmates the next big thing: a (vocal) pep talk, courtesy of Seabird and its latest hit, "Don't You Know You're Beautiful."

Wait, you've never heard of Seabird? Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite band (and the boys behind IYRKM's unofficial soundtrack). Formed in 2004 by brothers Aaron and Ryan Morgan (representin' Cincinnati!), the foursome first came on the scene in 2008 with their debut album, 'Til We See The Shore. Soon after, their songs made the leap to primetime -- "Rescue" got tapped by "Pushing Daises," while "Joy to the World" landed on "Grey's Anatomy" -- introducing a wider crowd to their meditative mod rock sound (think Coldplay, with an edge) before releasing the brooding sophomore album (Rocks Into Rivers) in December of 2009.

OK, we know what you're thinking: What does Seabird have to do with "IYRKM"? In our (negligibly biased) opinion? Everything. Sweet and soulful without being cheesy (take note, Nickelback), the piano-pounding pop rockers are a living contradiction. Despite their catchy -- and deceptively upbeat -- melodies, Seabird's lyrics often veer into dark and damaged territory, with maudlin verses (like "I feel like I'm drowning and nobody knows it,") spliced with peppy/energetic hooks ("you are my rescue"), as on 2008's "Rescue." You might've heard "Finally Done Right" (off the group's new album) on last night's "IYRKM," but nothing captures the show's scratch-beneath-the-surface spirit like these lines (from Seabird's "Don't You Know You're Beautiful"):

"I see you laughing

But I know inside that you're crying

Just tell me what happened when things went wrong

We'll try to make sense of it all"

Take a moment to revel in those inspirational (and extremely Challenge Day-appropriate) lyrics, then listen to "Don't You Know You're Beautiful," check out Seabird's MySpace and watch their "Rescue" video below.