Meet The Newest 'Jersey Shore' Girl, Deena Nicole

There's a new housemate shacking up in the Seaside Heights crib, and we can't friggin' wait to see her fist-pump with the gang. The New Jersey native, Deena Nicole Cortese, has officially joined the "Jersey Shore" house, and according to her good pal Snooki (the two pint-size party girls have known each other for years), everyone loves her. "Not [just] anybody can survive in this house, and the fact that the first 24 hours that I brought her in ... everything was cool, I was like, 'All right, this is gonna be a good summer,' " Snooki said in an interview with MTV News.

Check out the video below and find out why the Season 3 newbie thinks her relaxed attitude makes her a great fit for the wild, veteran crew. She seems like a lot of fun ... wonder what nickname she'll earn before the season's over.