'IYRKM' Poll: Do You Keep Your Emotions Bottled Up Inside?

Tonight's episode of "If You Really Knew Me" explored a high school where appearing tough and unaffected means that you have a shot at being popular. Rachel, a self-proclaimed "redneck creecker" found validation from hunting deer and holding back her personal grief. Brittney, a dark-haired easily labeled outcast struggled with a variety of obstacles herself but kept it all hidden inside. Not until Challenge Day came to their school did either of the girls feel like they had people to share their personal struggles with.

Each episode, we see the many ways in which high school students across the country are benefiting from the Challenge Day forum. This week was no different, and hopefully, the experience forced Riverside kids to rethink the value of openness.

+ Have you ever kept anything bottled up to fit in or because you were worried how people would react? Take the poll and share your own story.

Have you ever put on a tough face in order to fit in?

  • Yes, opening up makes you look weak.
  • No, I'm pretty comfortable sharing.