'Teen Mom' Poll: Are Amber And Gary Ready For Marriage?

Moving out, moving back in and threatening to do it all over again is nothing new to on-and-off again couple Amber and Gary. On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," it looked like the recently reunited parents of Leah were off to a great Valentine's Day start, but Amber's eagerness to get married eclipsed their romantic evening. Instead of leaving the restaurant hand in hand, they fought and cried and Gary said he was going to find his own apartment.

At the end of the episode, Gary cooled his jets and gave Amber a promise ring. It seemed to do the trick and calm her down (for now), but it really left us wondering whether these two are actually ready to tie the knot. It's great that Amber wants her daughter to have a close-knit family, but marriage is a lot of work. Think they're they prepared for it? Take the poll and weigh in!

Are Amber and Gary ready for marriage?

  • Yes, they have a daughter together!
  • Not at all. They're both way too immature.