Ryan Called The Cops On Preston! See The Police Report

Did you really think The Toothbrush Incident was just going to fizzle out in the "Real World: New Orleans" house? The unsavory saga continues on Wednesday night's all-new episode, and it happens to include a visit from the po-po. Can't believe it went that far? Well, we got our hands on a police report that Ryan filed earlier this year. Yes, he not only called the cops upon learning about the ugly places his toiletries had gone but actually went as far as to file a complaint (read the whole thing here). Here are some of the highlights:

1. Ryan's Sonicare toothbrush was worth $120. (Those things are like $50 at Target, so he's definitely not the most savvy shopper.)

2. Ryan developed a viral infection so severe that he went to Urgent Care and was prescribed Midol some basic antibiotic.

3. Apparently, the only way people get viral infections is from using toothbrushes coated in urine and not from staying up all night partying, eating pulled pork sandwiches handed to you from random parade-goers or hooking up with your roommate's friend.

+ Tune in tomorrow night at 10/9c to see for yourself how all this ridiculousness went down!