VIDEO: Snooki And JWOWW Can't Handle The Nozzle

The "Jersey Shore" cast isn't particularly handy when it comes to, well, things that call for getting their manicured hands dirty. While Pauly D and Mike "The Situation" were pretty helpless when their car got stuck in the mud on last week's season premiere (dude, stop hitting the gas when the muck starts flyin' -- everyone knows that!), Snooki and JWOWW were just as clueless when it came to attending to their ride.

Check out this deleted scene, where the girls take a pit stop during their road trip to fill up the Escalade. Simple task, right? Nope. Instead, they spill unleaded fuel all over the place. Snooks says it's cuz New Jersey bans drivers from pumping their own gas (deary, you're from New Yawk!), but it's OK -- at least she knows how to properly pump her fists!