VIDEO: Farrah Opens Up Further About The Death Of Sophia's Dad

We've been following Farrah's life for quite a while now -- we cheered for her when she gave birth to Sophia on "16 and Pregnant," we worried for her as the fighting with Debra escalated on Season 1 of "Teen Mom" and we cried for her tonight when she let down her guard in therapy and opened up about her baby's deceased father -- for the first time ever on film.

Farrah has always appeared more closed off than the other three moms, but the reason for it was never exactly clear. A piece of the puzzle seemed to be missing, and on this latest episode, we found out that much of her stoicism (and occasional anger) has been a reaction to the tragic death of her one true love.

Just this weekend, MTV's SuChin Pak met up with Farrah for a personal chat about coming into her own on Season 2, and when the topic of her ex came up, once again we witnessed Farrah shed all traces of that steely exterior to speak about the process of grieving. Check out a clip from this exclusive online interview: