VIDEO: JWOWW Rates Ronnie's Behavior, Awards Him 'Pig Status'

On tonight's "Jersey Shore," Ronnie and Sammi began to work out their problems (who needs couple's therapy with tattoo parlors in walking distance?), but a few nights earlier, Ron was chillin' on the border of scumbag territory when he crashed his motorboat into some grenades and "land minds" (according to Mike, this charming new term represents the skinnier version of a grenade) and then after-partied with Sammi back at the house. (They cuddled? Yeah, right.)

Judging by the preview of next week's show, it looks as if Ron's gonna creep another night away when Sam ditches his drunken ass at the bar, but it won't be long 'til she's forced to realize that she's been played for a fool. In fact, alls she has to do is take a peek at this clip from the Jersey Shore Hook-Up, in which JWOWW reveals that the three-way kissing bandit had cheated on his woman long before Miami. There's only one term for that ... actually, there are plenty, but we think Jenni describes it best: "pig-status." Check out the video below to hear what other choice words the cast has for his behavior.