Sponsored Post: The Sitch And Pauly D Were Once 'The Other Guys'

Flash back to fall of 2009, right before Season 1 of "Jersey Shore" was about to premiere to a mass audience. We here at Remote Control took a hard look -- and laugh -- at the first episode, and sincerely wondered whether the MTV audience could/would fall in love with a cast of East Coast unknowns sporting ... how to describe? ... 'unconventional' style and larger-than-life personalities. After years at this post, the one consistent fan base we've seen has been that of "The Hills," a series abundant in Cali surfer girls with blonde extensions sipping on red wine in their million-dollar condos. The "Jersey Shore" cast was a new breed of reality star, that of which was brunette, blue-collared and capable of eating bitches like Kristin Cavallari for breakfast. But to our delight, the show aired, the people spoke ... and they were impressed!

The story of the underdog becoming the toast of the town is one that never gets old, and the new Sony Pictures flick "The Other Guys" is based on that very same theme. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are the dudes on the police force who don't get recognition, until one day they take the opportunity to step up and channel their inner Bruce Willis. Well, sort of. It's a Cinderella story right out of the "Jersey Shore" playbook, and it's out August 6 for your viewing pleasure. Check out the movie's official site for more info and prepare to be inspired.