The 5 Strangest 'Jersey Shore' Hookups From Season 1

When we sat down to watch our very first episode of "Jersey Shore," we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Yeah, we assumed something fabulous would ostensibly come out of Vinny's pit-stained, fist-pumping promo, but we just didn't know what. As the minutes ticked away, the show became increasingly more fascinating, and by the end of the premiere, we marveled at the hookups -- both hot and, well, not. Let's relive some of the strangest smoochin' (and smushing) that made Season 1 so memorable.

Hot Tub Tonguefest

Casties Involved: Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie and JWOWW

Who can forget Snooki's (almost) reputation-killing Jacuzzi dip from Episode 1? She quasi-cannonballed into the steaming hot water, started licking Ronnie up and down, then got denied by JWOWW when she went in for a kiss. All the guys said that she was way too sloppy, but natch, they changed their minds later on.

All In The Family

Castie's Involved: Vinny

After intercepting a phone call from Mike's sister, Melissa, Vinny invited her to come party with them at Headliners. He wasn't feeling her in the beginning (cuz she looked like Mike "with a wig on"), but eventually he got over it. Creeping runs in the fam, because during another visit, she snuck down into Vinny's room.

Party In Pauly D's Pants

Casties Involved: JWOWW and Pauly D

While we were definitely all for the JWOWW/Pauly D hookup, their makeout sesh took a bizarre turn when they got into the bedroom. He started draping her long wallet chain thingy around her body like he was putting her into a hypnotic spell, then they played show and tell with his c**k piercing.

Ron, Is It?

Casties Involved: Snooki

After the boys ditched Snooki at the bar so they could chase tail, she latched onto a nice, funny guy named Ron Russ. He offered to walk her home, but they made a pit stop at the beach first and wound up spending the night together on the sand. They shared a few innocent kisses, but nothing came of it ... except that his true identity was revealed the next morning -- Russ was JWOWW's boyfriend's secret spy. (WTF?)

Stage 5 Clinger

Casties Involved: Pauly

When Pauly D met Danielle, he thought she was a "hot Israeli girl," but she quickly turned into a mega-obsessed chick that stalked his friggin' life. Their actual hookup wasn't strange -- it was her creepy behavior that followed that totally weirded us out.

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