'IYRKM' Poll: Have You Ever Experienced Racism On A Sports Team?

If you caught tonight's emotional premiere of "If You Really Knew Me," then you're probably still wiping tears from your eyes. Whether you're a teen who currently shares similar feelings and experiences, or an adult with a vivid memory, this truly inspirational show was eye-opening.

On Challenge Day, a crowd of slightly intimidated high school students took their seats as the leader, Vinny, shared an intimate story about his sad past. Later, the kids of Freedom High spoke candidly in small groups, discussing their inner fears and demons. By the end of the episode, many of them felt liberated -- some for the very first time.

+ While we heard some incredibly poignant stories involving self-image, we were particularly touched by Travis' pledge to end discrimination on the football field. So, we wanna know: Have you ever experienced racism on a sports team? Take the poll and feel free to share.

Have you ever experienced racism on an athletic team?

  • No, I haven't.
  • Yes, but I didn't speak up.
  • Yes, and I said something about it.